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Crypto Currency and Start up’s- The Deadly Combination

As the mainstream currency flows in the global economy, many options come for the startup is that have found the cryptocurrency world to be a haven for all their fundraising strategy. The ICO has been a popular form of raising the required working capital, without having to go through the complex channel finance from traditional banks. The underlying business models that are designed by the new enterprises are highly dependent on this mode of financing to expand their product and service base including selling their own coins, tokens.

The Game Changer-ICO

  • the ICO is the most successful way of raising funds by startup’s and small and medium enterprises that is a simple and easy way to raise the required capital without any underlying assets or any model to raise the funding requirements
  • the technology adopted is independent, just like an internet protocol, without having any tags attached, or a highly complicated model
  • based on the whitepaper the basic business plan the whitepaper has the details about the project to be funded, this source has raised millions of funding in cryptocurrency for more than 93 % of the startup projects
  • the speculation about the project funded has off late seen a decline in the number of a white paper released, as the regulations are strict in this mode of raising funds
  • privately distributed platforms have mushroomed to cope up with the funding requirements, and are slowly refraining from ICO to investors with high-risk profiles, to fund their projects with a nondilutive substantial amount of capital, instead can go for a Series A to B ICO
  • a well researched token system is replacing the methodology to raise money for your captive requirements, as most of them are using this route to increase their token sales, there should be clarity about the token sale and ICO issuance for captive funds
  • the credibility, growth and more importantly the legitimate asset class is better for adopting the cryptocurrency to fuel their investments and create an industry that is driven with a focus on the core project and not ways to exhibit personal finances

The entire ecosystem of a startup who are dependent on the crypto way of financing has ensured a more professional outlook, to keep a keen watch on issuing security based upon the underlying intention of the company to be financed and have stricter regulations in place.

Real Estate Based Crypto Currency Havens

Investing in real estate has been a long-term trend, to keep the industry rolling and return on the investment to be on the high radar. Players in the financial services hubs have been increasingly investing in the world of cryptocurrency ever since the client list started expanding for the coin currency by boosting the access of the coin currency for the clientele. FinTech companies have moved ahead in the crypto world to launch a proprietary currency, with the amazing underlying blockchain, supported by the real estate groups.

Dealing in real estate markets is quite tricky, while the trend to invest in them is high; the markets are volatile and have to protect the high leveraged investors from the rising inflationary pressures in the traditional financial markets.

Benefits of using Cryptocurrency in real estate

  • offering liquidity and security is the prime focus of the sub currencies that have started floating around in the crypto markets
  • the mortgage-free real estate is a good way to invest with cryptocurrency, as it is highly regulated, authenticated and tracked with the blockchain technology
  • commercial real estate will guard the investors as they are actively traded and a stable asset class that requires the payment to be done through brick coins, backed by cryptocurrencies, traded in commercial real estate space
  • like other unsecured mainstream investment on assets, the investment through the crypto enabled real estate is a class apart, as they are secured and regulated, hence the investment group has made it safer for the people to rally in this space using the proprietary of the cryptocurrency
  • the buyers of the brick coins can exchange them to equivalent fiat currency, to get back their original invest including the appreciation they earned during the invested period, the source  of investment is through traders who invest heavily in this space to gain the maximum
  • this approach of using the extension of cryptocurrency is to remove the stumbling blocks that prevent investors to foray in real estate as digital assets coming into the mainstream is still in the beginning stages

The constant ambiguity that surrounds the digital currency to invest in real estate has been a constant no gainer, with a cryptocurrency that is highly backed and regulated, reducing the inherent risk of the buyers, banks are now optimistic to adopt the underlying technology to boost the sector and encourage buyers of digital assets.

Banks – The Risks Faced By Them

Banks – The Risks Faced By Them

Any organization which has an objective of profit maximization holds a particular degree of risk. Banks to face various risks because of the intermediary and payment function they perform.  The changes in the banking environment have led to an increase in pressure to maximize the value of shareholders.

Exposure to risk does not necessarily always mean loss. For instance, online trading of various securities involves quite a high amount of risk but the return is very high. The risk is mainly because of the market volatility in case of trading sector. But there too, you could keep a check on the risk involved if you choose online good trading platforms that assist you to make wise and calculated decisions.

Different types of risks that are associated with the banking sector

Exchange rate risk- There has been a considerable increase in foreign investments and multi-national firms because of the globalized markets and it, in turn, increased the political and foreign exchange risk. Duration analysis is used to do a comparison between the foreign bond value and the interest rates of domestic currency. Using gap analysis, one can measure the exposure to risk and it would be equal to the difference between liabilities and assets in each currency.

Market risk- It is the movement of risk in the various financial instrument’s price function which results in gain or loss in value. It is actually a speculative risk and is measured by probability in potential gain or loss in the portfolio. Here the risk could occur in 2 ways; systematic risk and unsystematic risk. The risk arising by the movement of the price of all the financial instruments because of macroeconomic climate changes is known as systematic risk.  Unsystematic risk arises when the instruments do not move as per the expectation because of internal factors related to the issuer. This risk could be easily offset by diversifying the investments into different industries or countries so that the risk is spread effectively to avoid any big loss in a specific sector.

Credit risk- It is the risk associated with failure to repay the loan by the counterparty either in full or in part.  This includes a default on loan agreement or delayed payments. It is the most damaging risk which a bank has to face and especially, for this reason, there is an entire credit department which helps in keeping this risk under control. The credit risk management is done by reducing the losses by building a strong portfolio with high risk and low-risk lending.



Cryptorobots And Cryptocurrencies

Cryptorobots And Cryptocurrencies


Technology has catapulted us to a position of great advancements. Machines are getting intelligent day by day. Business, a field that requires astute research, where resourcefulness and being inventive comes handy the robots have made their mark. The concept of crypto robots are indeed new and still in the mend, but it is simply the most promising development in the industry.

What are Cryptorobots?

Cryptorobots are programs that are specifically designed to perform trading. It ranges from shares to bitcoins. The question then is why robots?

Robots specifically designed for the purpose of trading by specially written algorithms help in this process. The robots belong to a kind of called Automated Trading System which is the principle behind Cryptorobots. When an algorithm is designed into the bot, based on the data collected relevant to the given problem, the bot produces a result on its own intelligence by processing the data with the algorithm.

Characteristics of Cryptorobots

  • Emotions can play a very big role in trading, and if not careful there are chances of huge losses from it and Cryptorobots are governed by a set of prewritten rules.
  • Traders before going forward with their investment in the bots, they can check the rules governing the trading using bots across data with already proven results.
  • Traders may use multiple strategies by using multiple kinds of bots thereby having chances of more success.

Most Famous Cryptorobots

There are two important bots which help with trading but differs in their logistics and the items they are used for trading.

  • Crypto Robot: It is a kind where based on algorithms the robots invest for the trader in shares based on the algorithms, that is found to be most effective with larger profit margins. Special blog sites need the trader to register in them by filling out a few details, and once registered the robot will do the investment for the trader based on its algorithm.
  • Crypto Robot 365: It is a kind of robot that trades with bitcoins as well as shares. It uses a unique method of synchronizing the software of the broker account with the software of the robot.

Cryptorobots push the level of marketing to the most advanced standards. It is indeed the future of trading and it does depend upon the effectiveness of the algorithms they use.

Making a perfect financial plan

Making a perfect financial plan

The business plan includes a financial plan that comprises of different financial statements which shows where the organization is standing currently and where it is expected to be in the future.  The plan will help you in determining the amount of finance the business needs and also helps others in understanding whether it is wise to invest in your company.

Structuring the plan

The first thing one need to decide is the ways you are planning to raise the funds for your business.  Banks and financial institutions are the obvious choices many people opt to raise the money. You also have to work out the amount required to raise the short-term capital loan to meet the working capital requirement and the long-term loan to meet the purchase expense of larger assets. One can also look at raising funds through the online trading of digital currencies to meet short-term needs. Applying loan to banks will be a good choice to raise money for long-term needs.

Once your fundraising part is decided on, then you need to concentrate on the 3 most important financial statements:

  • The cash flow statement
  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet

The cash flow statement or the cash budget- This statement shows the sum of money that is expected to come in and go out of the business in a particular time period. The topics which one needs to predict involve:

  • Sales forecasting
  • Credit receipts vs cash receipts
  • The time frame for the collection of accounts receivable
  • How often the expenses will incur
  • The time frame to pay the supplier

The cash flow statements show that the business is financially viable and helps in establishing the goals you wish to achieve

Profit and loss statement- The income statement gives a summary of the company’s expenses and revenues. Revenues are the organization’s sales and any other source of income it receives. The expenses comprise of the cost of all the goods sold. The bottom line of the income statement shows the organization’s net income that is revenue minus expenses.

Balance sheet

The organization’s balance sheet shows the company’s assets and the liabilities. The asset of the organization should match perfectly with the liabilities. This is quite an important statement as it shows the organizations current financial position for a particular point in time.  It helps you to give a better viewpoint with regard to the working of the company.





Forex Trading Basics

Forex Trading Basics

We often see Forex exchanges in places like airports or banks. Forex is basically a foreign currency exchange, in short, the exchange of currency of a country for other countries currency. People usually exchange the currencies when they are visiting other countries. They need the local currency of that particular country to buy food items or pay for the shopping. But apart from this, the Forex can be traded like any other financial assets. It is often said that Forex trading is one of the easiest ways to gain profit. Nevertheless, Forex trading also needs as much discipline, skills as efforts as other trading markets. Hence, before thinking about trading Forex, it is important to understand how it works and the risks involved. Here are a few basic concepts every one dealing with Forex should know.

Eight Majors:

The stock market has various stock options that the investors can choose from. But the Forex market or currency market deals in mostly in eight major currencies. Following are the eight countries that have a major contribution in the Forex market.

  • New Zealand
  • United States
  • Switzerland
  • Eurozone (top listed ones are Spain, Germany, and France)
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada

Forex traders can take benefit of making profits through interest by focusing on these major countries. The currency rate data for these countries is available on daily basis, making it easy for Forex investor to decide their strategy in Forex trading.

Yield and Return:

Forex trading works on the concept of yield initiatives return. The spot market in Forex trading is when you exchange a foreign currency for other on the spot. All the currency rates are mentioned in comparison of other currencies, for example, the USD/INR association is mentioned as $1 is equal to ₹68.72. Hence in Forex trading, you are buying one currency while selling the other, earning interest on buying currency while paying interest on the sold one.

It is important to watch the Forex market the currency values keep changing every day. There are many Forex brokers in the market that can help you in deciding what the right option for you is. Also, referring to the informational website can help you know more about Forex trading and scams.

Conclusion: Because of the electronic trading platforms, Forex trading can be done more easily than earlier. Traders can start by trading small amounts to learn more about the Forex trading markets. For others who would like for long-term investment options can study about a carry trade and other fund pools in more details.

How to choose the right online trading platform?

How to choose the right online trading platform?
Life gets good and profitable by making the right choices at the right time. We do not generally know what the right thing to do is, as we have several opportunities lying in front of us. When it comes to wealth management, we are very much excited. In that energy, we usually tend to take fast decisions and make the bad choices leading to drastic changes in our savings pattern. This is highly observed in the cryptocurrency and forex trading environment. Very rarely do we directly sit and trade. It is a trending reality that we are giving the entire responsibility to automated trading robots and wait to make money. But, how to choose the right robot?
Characteristics to consider for the right robot
We have to first consider the overall performance of the system. This can be done by analyzing them in detail by understanding when it was first established and also the gain factor. The gain factor can be calculated based on the profits gained based on the sum of deposits. The drawdown factor is also an important point in this regard. This signifies the range which is calculated as the difference between the highest and the lowest trade made. The total profit sum made from all the trades positive trades made versus the negative trades made will also be a definitive factor. The total trades made will also give a fair understanding of how active the system was during the past, present and how it will be in the future.
Keep viewing these parameters over a period of time and understand which the best performing robot that can be used is in the autopilot mode. The forex robots and the crypto robots are developed with intelligent systems and algorithm patterns to analyze the market trends and forecast the best option that is possible. They are provided with user-friendly interfaces and easy features to get through the entire system at a glance. We will have time to learn and interpret the market trends and understand how the robot utilizes the opportunities to make the right choice. They make good predictions that are commendable. Investing in the right software system will make help you understand the market statistics. In case of any direct assistance, we are provided with a good customer support team. This is the essence of choosing the right robot.

Young And Carefree – Start Saving Early

Young And Carefree – Start Saving Early

When one is young and starts a career, fresh out of college, the future seems all rosy and bright. No one thinks of emergencies and hurdles in a career. That is why many people end up spending their earnings without thinking about saving for the future. People world over are spending more money on entertainment, clothes and other non-essential activities. They are aiming for bigger cars, lavish weddings and exotic vacations. Not that these things should not be indulged in, but many people are buried under the debt trap with no way out in the near future. All this happens due to bad planning and lack of foresight.

Where can you invest?

One of the aspects is to understand the avenues that will be best suited for your future goals. Depending on your goals, short term and long term both, you can choose multiple portfolios of investments that will you fulfill those dreams. For example, there are safe funds and bonds and there are some funds that will provide higher returns but may also have a higher risk associated with them. A balanced way is to diversify and invest in different types of instruments. If you have some confidence in yourself and yet you do not have much money to spare then you can try the online trading systems endorsed by the You can choose one of the programs recommended by them and trade in some forex and Cryptocurrencies as well. This could be a great long-term option for you. However, these systems are very advanced and do not need too much effort to make money and thus are easy to use for people.

Start early and save more

The first thing is to realize is that money is essential for survival in this world. Whether it is food, house, clothes, education, entertainment, medical expenses or anything for that matter, you need to have money. So the first lesson of financial wellness is to start saving form the moment you earn your first salary. It may be a small amount but even that matters.

Once you spend the money from your account and then think of saving then it will be difficult to maintain that for long. You will end up postponing your savings to the next month and the next and it may be neglected altogether after some time.

It always makes sense to make a budget and stick to that. Make a provision for saving before you plan to spend. This way a certain amount of money will always be saved and then only you will spend from the remaining amount. Slowly you will see that a good amount will be accumulated over a period of time, only if done sincerely and regularly. You might actually think of retiring early to enjoy the fruits of your well-planned savings.


Know Deeply The Accounting Dimensions Of Auditing

There are definitely some accounting standards like materiality associated with the auditing process and the auditor must take this prospect into account while conducting an audit.

  • One such materialistic parameter is the intended wrong statements made by the managers on financial information mainly for economic benefits. Even though the materiality depends on amount and quality of the items, they are being judged here in accordance to their relevance to related circumstances. Usually, they provide a threshold value which turns useful for the auditor.


  • The auditor is independent to express his feedback and opinion about the financial statement made by the company officials which should stick to the framework of the standard accounting policies and other statutory regulations. Actually, this so-called process is the real-life assessment of the materialistic aspect of professional judgment.


  • The notion of materiality identifies its importance with some financial matters either in specific account details or collective transactions state that is really needed for the true and fair representation of the financial accounting process.


Apart from this, materiality has certain legal and regulatory characteristics based on financial information and its link to transactions or economic accounts. Hence, there are different materiality categories depending on the subject being presented for auditing.


  • The auditor always set a characteristic materiality level that is acceptable to identify any type of miswording both in quality and quantity. Example to such situations includes a state when the user address or interprets the wrong financial report on the accounts that have a wide deviation from the accounting policy.


  • Further, the auditor should be able to guess the chances of the fake assertion of statements even if it is in relatively small amount as in future the cumulative effect of the same can lead to a large materialistic effect on the monetary section.


  • Usually, for an auditor, the factor of materiality is considerable while accounting for
  1. The lengthy process of auditing
  2. Assessing the consequence of misstatements

About the ongoing auditing affair

  • The association of auditing standards has issued certain laws with regard to checking on the appropriateness of financial statements made by the concerned institutions. Further, the auditor should ensure whether these are followed by pointwise.
  • The financial report prepared by the auditor is truly helpful in establishing the credibility of the venture even if it does not guarantee the future sustainability of the same.
  • Moreover, the records on the assets and other liabilities of the business firms have to be re-accounted each year so as to provide a fair account of the financial statements.

Nothing Can Beat Experience And Confidence

Nothing Can Beat Experience And Confidence

Studying and learning about any skill or subject is a great feeling and the necessity for a good career. But when it comes to implementing the same knowledge in practical aspects, it is a different ball game altogether. You can accumulate a lot of books and buy ample course material. But unless you read those books and implement the knowledge, you cannot really understand any aspect fully.

Learn by doing

In the old days, it was all about rote learning. However, the methods have changed completely. Children are asked to narrate a story based on their holidays or asked to do projects that involve a lot of innovative thinking. This helps them to understand the concept easily and imbibe the wisdom from the experiences. A carpenter cannot learn just from reading about different types of wood and nails or even designs. Until he creates something, however crooked it is, he will not learn the craft.

This applies to every aspect of our lives. We cannot learn about the pleasure of earning our money until we start working. But there is one thing that we can learn from others and that is to save and invest. When we see many poor people, roaming homeless or struggling due to inadequate medical insurance, we should learn from them and start investing as early as possible. Even a squirrel knows to save and hoard nuts for the winter.

Online reviews- Read for more knowledge

There are many avenues that can be used for saving, like the deposits, mandatory pension funds and insurance policies of different categories. The popular view is that the advice about investments, available online is more or less partial and not really honest. People assume that even the expert opinions are biased in favor of those systems that pay them handsomely. Again, it is a fact that many new systems use social media influencers to make comments in their favor and arrange for paid testimonials.

As we said earlier, there is no way that you can verify this until you test the program.  We recommend that you check out for amazingly balanced views about online trading programs and then choose one for yourself. You will be surprised by the different kinds of instruments and tools available on these online platforms for trading. The online trading algorithms are the most popular and convenient means of getting a strong foothold in the Forex and cryptocurrency trading market these days.

Do not worry about scams in the money market and paid reviews. You need to take care of your money and you can learn to do it by acquiring adequate knowledge. With experience, you can discriminate between the real and fake programs and that is what is important. Experiences help you learn and become wise.