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How to create a non-toxic nursery for your baby

Today’s moms have more to consider when decorating the nursery than simply picking crib bedding that perfectly coordinates with the rug. We want a nursery that is safe, earth-friendly and above all, non-toxic. If you are a bit green (pun intended) on creating an eco-friendly nursery, follow these tips on creating a healthy space for your baby.

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Nursery crib for boys

Between tummy time and crawling, your child will be spending a lot of time on the floor. Carpet can harbor dust mites, dirt and allergens, as well as emit VOCs into the air. One non-toxic alternative is to have hard-wood flooring paired with an area rug that is made of all-natural fibers, such as untreated wool, hemp (like a 100% hemp rug from Abundant Earth) or organic cotton. If you can’t give up carpet, make sure it is Green Label Plus Certified (tested to be low in VOCs) and vacuum 2-3 times a week with a vacuum that contains a HEPA filter.

paint can

Whether you want the walls painted princess pink or sky blue, make sure you are using a paint that minimizes how much odor and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are emitted. VOCs are released as paint dries, therefore it is important you keep the room well-ventilated and avoid painting when you are pregnant. Try to have the nursery painted well in advance to avoid exposing your baby to unnecessary chemicals. Serena & Lily Signature paints are formulated to have zero VOCs and low odor making them a great non-toxic paint choice.

The crib and changing table should be made of all-natural wood with a non-toxic finish, such as this solid maple wood crib from Totally Organic. Furniture that is made from particleboards or veneers can release toxic gasses, such as formaldehyde, into the air. Cribs that have polyurethane coatings or other harsh stains can contribute to a toxic nursery. Look for furniture with an all-natural finish, such as beeswax.

Swanky Baby Organic Crib Linens SetBaby bedding
Your baby (hopefully!) spends a lot of time sleeping in his crib, so it is especially important to make that space non-toxic. Buy a crib mattress that contains all-organic cotton filling or wool casings and avoid mattresses that contain the fire- retardant polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). All crib bedding (mattress protector, sheets, bumpers, blankets) needs to be free of the toxic flame-retardant PBDE and should be made of all-organic cotton. The Quilted Organic Crib Set from Dwell Studio is an eco-friendly choice as it is made of 100% organic cotton and processed without harsh dyes or chemicals. The Swanky Baby bedding set featured at right is organic and, with any luck, suggestive.

Baby care
Stock your nursery with baby care products that are free of toxic chemicals, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial preservatives and dyes. Earth Mama Angel Baby products and California Baby are both good all-organic baby care lines that will keep your baby as non-toxic as his nursery.

Cleaning products
Use non-toxic products that do not contain harsh cleaners and are biodegradable. Seventh Generation and Simple Green are just two in a growing market of earth-friendly cleaning products. Avoid using commercial air fresheners that only coat your nasal passages to hamper your sense of smell. An earth-friendly option is to place a small dish of baking soda and lemon in the nursery to absorb odors from the diaper pail.

Air purifier
Are you gawking at the price of solid wood furniture and new flooring? If you can’t do it all, an air purifier can help remove the chemicals and other allergens circulating through the air.

Top 5 birthday party ideas for kids

When planning kids’ birthday parties, a single theme that combines decorations and activities can be lots of fun and keep the children entertained (a fun thought for the grownups!). But there’s no need to wear yourself out with complicated arrangements before the party’s even started: here are 5 children’s birthday ideas that will be enjoyable for the kids … and easy for busy grownups to plan!

By Lesley Mattos

Young girl at party sitting at table with food smiling

Good Sport Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas – Go For the Gold

Think Olympics as a theme for a children’s birthday party. Depending on when the birthday party is taking place, you can do simple variations on summer or winter events such as gymnastics and relay races and set up your party space for indoor or outdoor play. Hang flags from different countries and buy foil-covered chocolate circles in gold and silver to award as “medals” to all the kids participating. You can decorate your kids’ birthday party cake like the Olympic flag or, instead of a birthday cake, serve cupcakes colored and arranged like the Olympics flag circles: blue, yellow, black green and red.

A Capitol Kids’ Birthday Party Idea – Hail to the Chief

Your child doesn’t have to be old enough to vote for you to elect a presidential theme for a kids’ birthday party. And no one has to choose sides, either: just decorate the birthday cake and party space in all-American red, white and blue. In addition to regular party games, one activity you can do at this kids’ birthday party is have the girls and boys write down one thing they each would do if they were president. Or they can write one question they have for the current commander in chief, and you can send it to the White House on their behalf.

Just Boys Kids’ Birthday Party Idea – It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane …

Boys love playing superhero, and if you’re having a birthday party just for boys, a fun kids’ birthday party idea and activity would be to have them come as their favorite superhero. You can also transform the guests into superheroes at the children’s birthday party with the help of some store bought or homemade masks and capes. The boys can even make their own masks, and one birthday party activity can be for them to use their imaginations and make up a brand new superpower.

Just Girls Kids’ Birthday Party Idea – It’s Tea Time!

If your children’s birthday party is going to be an all-girl affair, how about having the birthday girl host a tea party? It can be simple or fancy, depending on the girls’ ages and what’s easily available to you. If the girls are little, use different-colored napkins to set the table prettily and serve iced tea in plastic cups. For older girls, using china cups and saucers would be an elegant way to celebrate at your child’s birthday party. If you don’t want to risk your own fine china, look around at local thrift stores or garage sales for a mix-and-match variety of dishes.

Unique Kids’ Birthday Party Idea – Picture This … With an Adesso Album Instant Photo Guest Book

With an Adesso Album Instant Photo Guest Book, you can capture the magic moments with instant Fuji, Polaroid or Digital photos at your children’s birthday party as they’re happening. While the party is going on, taking instant photos can be one of the kids’ birthday party activities. If the children are old enough, they can even be the ones taking the pictures! Together with hand-written messages from party guests, friends and family, you’re creating a personal, one-of-a-kind keepsake that you’ll have long after the party’s over. Enter this discount coupon code KIDS09 to get a 10% discount at checkout.

For more birthday party ideas:

Age appropriate guidelines for birthday party success
Planning a birthday party: Step by step
How to plan a birthday party on a budget
Budget-friendly party favors

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Is your child too sick to go to school?

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Most schools have policies about sending your children in when they’re sick. Please abide by them. If you aren’t sure how to interpret those policies, print out this checklist of when NOT to send your child to school:Is your child too sick to go to school?

If your child has a temperature over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, keep him home. He’s probably too sick to do sit through six hours of school, and he may be contagious.

If your child has a sore throat as well as a fever, headache, stomachache or swollen glands, don’t send him to school. It could be strep.

Your child should stay home if he has thrown up more than once in the last 24 hours.

If it looks like the highly contagious pinkeye, don’t send your child to school. Symptoms include bright red eyes that get stuck shut and have an ugly discharge. He’ll need an antibiotic.

A stomachache is a child’s favorite stay-home-from-school excuse, and that’s just what he should do if it’s accompanied by vomiting, fever or a tummy that feels hard.

Do not send your child to school if he’s had more than two episodes of watery bowel movements in the last 24 hours. He may have an infection.

Colds can really run a kid down. If he has a runny nose, plus a persistent cough and tiredness, keep him home. Ditto if the cold is accompanied by a fever.

You know your kid. If he has any of the above symptoms, keep him home and have him checked by a doctor.

Check out Airbourne Contagions for a fun take on the subject.

Is your child ready for kindergarten?

As I think of the day that my little guy will step foot in his Kindergarten class for the first time, I know that I won’t be ready to see him growing up so fast. But I wonder: will he be ready? Here is how to get your child (and you!) ready for the big day.

Basic Knowledge
Gone are the days when the first time you laid eyes on the alphabet was when you walked into your first day of the big K. Now days, schools are holding higher standards for kids before they even set foot on campus. Common skills and knowledge expectations include:

• Recognizing and reciting letters and numbers, and the difference between each
• Writing their name with the proper capitalization
• Identifying key shapes and colors
• Matching rhyming words
• Proper use of scissors and pencil hold
• Following two part directions
• Knowledge of first and last name, parents names, address, and phone number
• Ability to dress themselves and tie their own shoes
• Simple social skills such as taking turns and getting along with others

Each school district is different, so make sure to give your babe’s future school a call for the specifics.

And given that the school fees are expensive plan the source of funds in advance. Invest in places where the liquidity is high like with cryptocurrency trading. So as your money grows you would also be able to withdraw the funds whenever you need them to meet some sudden expenses.

In order to register your youngster for Kindergarten, you will need to dig into that filing cabinet and provide the proper documentation. Before heading to the school’s registration office, make sure you have your child’s official birth certificate, social security number, proof of physical from a recent trip to the pediatrician’s office, and documentation of current immunizations. Otherwise, be prepared to be sent to the principal’s office (or at least back home).

Each state has its own set of immunization requirements for kiddies entering daycare, kindergarten, and grade school. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, common vaccination requirements include:

• Diphtheria, Tetanus and acellular Pertussis (DTaP)
• Hepatitis A (Hep A)
• Hepatitis B (Hep B)
• Haemophilus influenzae Type b (Hib)
• Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR)
• Measles Dose 2
• Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV)
• Polio
• Varicella

The most recent immunization requirements, broken down by state, can be found here at the CDC website.

Birth date cut offs
The cut off date that determines when a child enters Kindergarten varies from state to state. Typical Kindergarten birth date cut offs range from August 15th in Alaska to December 31st in Rhode Island and Hawaii.

School Supplies
With school budget cuts on the rise, some schools require that basic school supplies are provided by the parents of each student for use in the classroom. Some basic supplies include glue, crayons, markers, pencils, scissors, construction paper, zipper sandwich bags, tissue, disinfecting wipes, and more. It’s important to check with your child’s pending school on which supplies are needed. You don’t want your little guy to be the first one sent home with a note pinned to the back of his shirt!

Confidence Now that you’ve successfully completed registration, loaded his backpack with the necessary supplies, and quizzed your little genius to prep him to embark on his educational journey, take a deep breath. You’ll do just fine on his first day of school!

The joy of teen daughters

Celeste Gish

Say goodbye to your old identity as competent, respected adult and prepare to embrace your new self: a pathetic klutz who can’t drive a car, cook a meal or even dress yourself without embarrassing everyone around you. Congratulations: you are now the parent of a teenage girl.


When you first held your beautiful baby girl in your arms and breathed in her sweet smell, you never dreamed you could feel so much love. As she grew, you nurtured her, protected her from danger, taught her right from wrong and cherished her more every day. She responded with kisses, hugs, adorably cute antics and the occasional mild misbehavior, all of which you captured the old-fashioned way with a camera, film and photographs. Millions and millions of photos now tucked safely away in boxes in the attic.

Fast-forward 12 or so years and suddenly you are the not-always-so-proud parent of a teenage girl, otherwise known as Ms. 24-Hour Want and Need Machine, complete with permanently attached mobile phone, iPod, Bad Attitude and overflowing closet. “Challenging” doesn’t even begin to describe your relationship with her. She nonchalantly brings home speeding tickets, cuts classes, breaks curfews and maintains a bedroom and bathroom that rival the devastation of a tumultuous storm. Not to mention boys, boys, boys and more boys. The drama never ends. And we’re talking about a good kid here. (My sincere sympathies to anyone who is dealing with truly serious parenting issues.)

Can you make money while you sleep?

Every single day you wake up to notice that the prices of the essentials have gone up a little. Day after day the expenses increase but the income doesn’t really grow at the same pace. So finding money to spend on all the essentials and then have extra to spend on leisure becomes difficult. But if you are smart in your personal finance management then you would end up saving for your future while also having some extra cash to splurge on something.

To begin with a golden rule of investment and savings is that you should first prioritize to take out some portion of your income to plan your investments. And then if you spend only from what is left you would be surprised at how quickly you are able to multiply your savings. All that being said what is your favorite investment option?

There are investments that can be made for a short term and those that can be made for a long term. Each has different returns, different liquidity features, different tax benefits and other such differences. Combining the benefits of several profitable investments comes the crypto currency trading. It might sound complicated if you are totally new in this domain. But there are several useful resources that would help you begin using crypto currency trading. Crypto trading bots are getting better by the day. Here are some of the prominent benefits of choosing a crypto trading bot:

  1. They are easy to use. So even those with no knowledge about crypto currency trading would be able to trade like the professionals with the use of crypto bots.
  2. They take very little time. Setting up the account, making the deposit all can happen within minutes. And one other added benefit is that these can be done on any device. So even on a busy work day you could open an account during your daily commute to your workplace.
  3. Automated trading systems are active round the clock. Unlike the stock market, the crypto currency market is active 24×7. So if you have a system that would act on your behalf without a break then you would not miss a single opportunity. This is how crypto trading bots help you make money even when you are sleeping.

If you are looking for the best automated trading systems and crypto trading bots to start with, click here.

Don’t think it won’t happen to you

Perhaps, if you are now the parent of a child or children under 10 years old – they don’t call ages five to 10 the Golden Years of Childhood for nothing – you think this will never happen to your little angel. Personally, I can remember shaking my head at a friend’s daughter’s misbehavior, smug in my assurance that my little darling would never in a million years behave so disrespectfully and if she did, I would never tolerate it.

Well, if pride is a deadly sin, parenting a teenager will humble you faster than yesterday’s soul mate becomes today’s geek of the week. Say goodbye to your old identity as competent, respected adult and prepare to embrace your new self: a pathetic klutz who can’t drive a car, cook a meal or even dress yourself without embarrassing everyone around you. Fortunately for you, your resident teenage authority isn’t shy about bombarding you with advice-gleaned from years of life experience – on cooking, fashion, music, decorating and, of course, driving. Until she totals the car a full three weeks after driving it off the lot. On the bright side, the only injury was to my bank account. Did I mention she was on her way to a party and planning to stay out all night? Of course the official story was she was spending the night with her girlfriend and, stupidly, I didn’t check up. This is what happens when you trust a teenager.

No constructive advice here

If you’re reading this and waiting for inspirational tips on how to survive your child’s teen years, you’re in the wrong place. I’m in denial here, counting the days until my little princess heads off to that big party they call freshman year of college and I can bulldoze and redecorate her room. You might try the Internet for more constructive advice. I hear experts recommend consistent rules, unconditional love and a sense of humor. Over the years, I’ve found that a couple of glasses of cheap Chardonnay at the end of the day work wonders. If you’re interested in forming a support group based on that principle, go ahead – contact me at my website,

Not that parenting a teenager is all bad. On the plus side, you can establish instant rapport with others in upscale antique shops, at the mall, in the dentist’s office, on college visits and other places where parents gather. In casual conversation, simply mentioning that you have a teenager elicits knowing smiles, murmurs of sympathy and reassurances that “it will get better.” One mother of two now-professional women confided that she got through their teenage years by telling herself that aliens had stolen her real children and replaced them with Pod People. She assured me that the aliens would replace the Pod

Person with the original child promptly on its nineteenth birthday. I cherish these words of encouragement and cling to their promise.

In the meantime, I resign myself to the fact that the appallingly bad karma I generated as an adolescent has found its way home with a vengeance. I tell myself to keep my eye on the prize and just keep fantasizing about how much fun those redecorating projects will be. If I have any money left after paying for the first year of college. Anyone know where I can rent a commercial dumpster and a bulldozer – cheap?

Celeste Gish is a freelance writer specializing in business-to-business marketing communications. Her work has been published in ABA Bank Marketing, Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Health Management Technology, Advance for Health Information Professionals, Realty Success and other professional journals.

Interesting features to look for when you pick your crypto trading bots

Crypto trading is a field that is getting increasingly competitive. There are numerous ICOs out there. And to make the work of a crypto trader simpler there are numerous automated crypto trading systems as well. If you are looking for trusted reviews about the popular trading bots then this source would give you all the information you need.

Once you have shortlisted all the popular trading bots based on the reviews and the ratings by the critics, here are few features to look for in the trading bot:

  1. Testing strategies:

When you are an absolute beginner you might love to use the auto pilot mode in the crypto trading system. But as you learn more about crypto trading you would expect a little amount of freedom to have your own trading strategies. So look for bots that allow full automation as well as partial automation with custom strategies to make decisions. And if the bot also carries a backtesting feature then it would be an added advantage. So you would be able to test the effectiveness of your strategy with the historic data available.

  1. Choice of coins

When you trade autonomously you would be able to buy and hold as many coins as you like. And you also get to choose the ICOs to rely on. But when you choose a trading system there might be some limitations on the chosen coins. Find out how many coins the trading bots allow you to pick from. Because a diverse portfolio would be a less risky option.

  1. User forum:

Look for trading systems that allow users to interact with each other. These user forums would be great for you to get in touch with the other crypto traders from around the world. You would be able to discuss not just about the trading system in the picture but also about the best coins to look for and thus be able to improve your strategy.

  1. Layout

User interface is not something that is directly related to crypto trading. But this is something that determines how easy it is for the user to use the automated system. Most users choose automated systems mainly because they help save a lot of time. A cluttered layout which is difficult to understand would simply take a lot of time to execute even the simplest tasks. And thus crypto trading would also take a bit longer on them.


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Holiday crafts & coloring printouts

What’s the best way to show your kids some Valentine love? Play with them!

The man has dwelt in several different investment spheres, some of which include high-frequency trading, digital trading, social and copy trading, the Forex market, cryptocurrency exchanges, and contract-for-differences. His Altcoin trading system’s algorithm features elements from all of the said but its coding focuses on CFD trading on the cryptomarkets.

Additionally, this algorithmic trading software has own benefits as compared to the human trading. It is so because the whole process of trading can be monitored and executed for twenty-four hours a day, without considering the emotions human naturally attach to things. Moreover, if a trader goes on for a holiday they would indeed have to brief a colleague on their portfolio of trades. This is something which is not at all a kind of issue with a software called Crypto CFD trader.

It is one of the trendiest methods of generating solid and dependable financial results on the virtual market. This is evident even when viewing a random excerpt from the user testimonials and trading reviews present on the Internet. Most people have accumulated good earnings on both the manual and the auto-pilot mode.

Have a heart!
Valentine craft fun
All Valentine crafts
Valentine’s Day coloring page printouts
Winter coloring page printouts


Dictionary Contents : H : Hepatitis A

Health and Wellness Dictionary: Definition

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Hepatitis A
Hepatitis A is an infection of the liver caused by the hepatitis A virus (HAV). Young children often have no symptoms or very mild symptoms of disease. Adults and older children are more likely to have typical symptoms, which include fever, loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhea, and generally ill feeling (malaise). The skin and whites of the eyes take on a yellow color (jaundice). A person who has no symptoms is still infectious to others.

HAV is spread by the fecal-oral route. This means the disease is spread by putting something in the mouth that has been contaminated with the stool of an infected person. It can also be spread when a person eats food or drinks beverages which have been handled by a person infected with HAV and not subsequently cooked.the end

Want more? Click here to search the rest of the GeoParent site for information on Hepatitis A!

Dictionary Contents : P : Pneumonia

Let us discover more here about its similarity to human intelligence.


The efficiency of computers or machines to perform the different task has been in an exponential way. The stable establishment and application of Artificial intelligence on computers, software or robot-like machines to upgrade their domain working methods, speed and thinking process to be equally matching to that of the human beings. Further, AI is established in the same manner as how human beings familiarize and resolve a problem given to them.


The main goals of AI include


  • Expertise the systems to exhibit intellectual properties like explaining, studying, demonstrating, reasoning and advising its customers
  • Implement human behaviour of understanding and responding to situations


This is a technology-driven science that is dependent on disciplines of Computer science, Maths, Psychology, Biology, Linguistics and Engineering. Moreover, computer programming with AI makes it easy to answer all types of generic questions and can quickly adapt to modifications made without affecting the software structure.


Artificial Intelligence has shown its dominance in major fields like


  • Gaming: Enabling a machine to analyse all possible position outcomes in the strategic games like chess, poker and more
  • Understanding the typical language spoken by humans to computers and its processing
  • Sharing perceptive and instructing the users of expert steps
  • Speech Recognition: Handling all varieties of the hearing inputs and comprehending the human language to sentences and meanings
  • Recognizes the handwriting: Sounds the text written on a screen using pen or stylus and translating it to an editable form of text
  • Manufacturing and programming robots: Robots have been made capable to perform human tasks like sensing physical environmental parameters such as light, temperature, sound, pressure, movement and that kind of things. Additionally, it is well equipped with advanced features like sensors, processors and a good memory to act as an intellectual.



The main experimental domains of Artificial Intelligence are broadly classified into


  • Natural processing of language or voice recognition: The objective of such a practise is to identify ‘who’ is speaking with respect to voice tone or pitch, language accent or slang and many more. This conversion is strongly supported by vocabulary database and the interactive GUI. Automatic voice recognition of Google is an example.
  • Expert Systems: As used in clinical and flight tracking.
  • Neural Networking systems: Advanced features of handwriting, character, and face recognition account to this feature.
  • Robotics: Robotic styled motions, painting and spraying, drilling and carving, precision checking come under this section.
  • Fuzzy mathematical logic: Consumer automobiles and electronics work according to this logic.


This mathematical problem-solving skill is used for designing the crypto CFD broker to make it efficient for trading purpose.Health and Wellness Dictionary: Definition

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Inflammation of the lungs characterized by fever, chills, muscle stiffness, chest pain, cough, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate and difficulty breathing.the end

Want more? Click here to search the rest of the GeoParent site for information on Pneumonia!

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You need to have clear concepts and understand what it takes to make that tick in the stock market. This will make you more informed and also smart as an investor. The stock market was once a tool that was used by the rich but today it is a choice of investment for the majority of the population, of different classes as well.

Thanks to the internet and the advancement in technology as well as the brokerage firms that let you have a trading account at a low cost. Today everyone can be a part of the market and buy and sell stocks of any company at their will.

It is important to know that there are two common ways to trading in the stock market. They are investing and speculation. When you invest you give your money to the company which can be used for the growth and the expansion of the company. The company will use the money for development and research in the expectation that the future of the company will be worth more than what it is today. When you invest you understand the research that the company needs to do and what its payoff will be. You feel that there is a reason why the company needs expansion and you believe in the future business plan of the company. So basically when you are an investor you make a decision based on what you expect the future of the company to be. When you invest money into the company you intend to put your money into the company so that it can be used to increase its value.

Speculation is however like gambling. Read more. Speculators buy a stock with the hope of selling it for a higher price as soon as they can. They do not need to understand the reason why the price should go up or even care about the reason for the value of the stock to rise. The speculators trade on the basis of gut feeling or on news or rumors. They are not bothered about the prospects of the company or its business plans. Speculation is not a bad thing because speculators keep the market liquid.

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