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An understanding of Blockchain


The Blockchain is a public digital ledger and is a technique used to manage the record of the various transactions that take place using digital currency or cryptocurrency.  This digital ledger is kept on the various networks of computer systems. Any computer system connected through this network on the condition that it satisfies certain computing requirements concerning capacity. The computers which are connected to the network are known as “full nodes” also called as network nodes or simply ‘nodes’.

All the connected computer systems are equally connected with one another and are rationally liable to execute the tasks in an individual to individual or peer to peer (P2P) networking style. Hence a central controlling computer like a server is not essential for managing the various computers or the network as a whole. Thus no agency or particular authority is responsible for recording or managing the transactions made using cryptocurrency resulting in the Blockchain having a decentralized ledger. The entire system is operated by using a code

The computers that are participating in the network are all interconnected and distributed evenly. The various nodes that are connected are updated uniformly with the same information at the time they are made. A review of the blockchain which is decentralized and evenly distributed public digital ledger can be found here.

Hash function
Blockchain makes use of a cryptographic function SHA-256, which is also known as the “Hash Function”.  The SHA-256 hash function is used inside the Bitcoin network system basically in two main forms:
– For Mining
– For the formation of Bitcoin Address

Blockchain performs as a chain of blocks, where each block contains a hash of the previous block which was generated up to the initial block of the Blockchain. All the transactions made in the blockchain are linked chronologically and recorded in the files names as ‘blocks’, in a sequential manner based on the time the transaction was executed.  Each block has a definite size requirement of 1MB. The time for generating a particular block which is known as the block time is about 10 minutes.

A brand new block is created each time the previous block is filled up and the upcoming transactions generated are stored in a new block of the chain. Each block that is recently generated in the blockchain, contains the hash of the previously generated block. The newly produced block is connected to the last block formed, which results in the formation is blocks and thus called as BLOCKCHAIN.

Transformable Assets

Transformable Assets

Definition of Convertible Security

A convertible security is nothing but a type of investment that can be converted from one form to another. There are two major types of convertible securities that are very common are:

  • Convertible bonds
  • Convertible preferred stock

The above-mentioned convertible securities can be changed to common stocks or equity stock. A fixed amount is paid periodically by convertible security in the form of coupon amounts especially the convertible bonds. If they are convertible preferred shares the payments are in the form of a preferred dividend. In order to convert them into common stocks, they have a specific price.

The securities that don’t have the feature of converting will offer high payouts when compared to convertible security’s payout. But because of the possible profit that can be got from sharing the valuing of the common stocks of the firm by the convertible feature, the investors are willing to take the risk.

Value of Conversion

The determination of the value of the conversion is done just like how it is done in the call option of the common stock. The conversion price meaning the price at present at which the asset can be converted into common stock is commonly set a price that is more than the stock is currently priced at. The call value of the stock will be high if the price to convert the security is close to the market price. Depending on the par value and coupon rate, the value of the underlying asset is decided. To find what the full valuation of the security both these values are summed up.

Based on how well the convertible security will perform will highly influence the price of the underlying common stock. Under two conditions there will be an increase in the degree of correlation:

  • If the price of the stock proceeds towards conversion price.
  • If the price of the stock exceeds the conversion price.

On the other hand, the stock is traded as a straight bond or preferred stock if the price of the stock is very less than the conversion price as possibilities of the conversion is seen as remote. You can remotely do trading using Olymp Trade but this software is not trustworthy and for new traders as it offers not even the basic knowledge needed for trading, you need to look for other software to rely on for long-term if they want to progress in the field of trading.

Payment For A Day

Payment For A Day

Day Rates

We can define day rate as the price paid for doing a particular work for the full day. Per diem is used to refer day rate by few markets. We can say that it is a payment given by a company for one full days’ work which is usually 7.5 hours of work in a day. There are few purchasing firms that will that opt to have a quotation for day rate rather than paying on an hourly basis. Day rates will vary remarkably depending on what type of work needs to be done and in which geographic area the work is done. Unlike day rates, the payment got from trading will not vary depending on the region of work especially when it comes to trading softwares, be careful as few apps such as  Olymp Trade can be a scam and doesn’t provide much scope for earning.

A specific rate is fixed by negotiating to be paid depending on day rates for workers who are not placed under the cover of salary or people who work on contract. Some of the examples of situations under which day rate is used are as follows:

  • To fix the rate to be paid for a worker who works manually.
  • To fix the rate of a room in a hotel when an overnight stay is not required.
  • To fix rate to be paid to a contract worker to do some work for their client.

The day rate will be high for works that need special skills when compared to a work that can be taught to a worker as they start working instantly such as digging a gutter or heaving the rocks. The area in which the work is done will make a lot of difference as well. Geographic areas and countries where the standard of living is high the day rates paid are also high for a worker who do perform manual work and countries that are emerging or areas inside a developed country that has a low standard of living will get lower day rates.

Per Diem Payments

Per diem in Latin means per day. Per diem is payment given in the form of allowance to the employees so that they can cover their expenses when they are away on a business tour. Expenses that incur during a business trip are as follows:

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Another type of secondary expenses

Per diem payments are most commonly used for some particular job title like consulting personnel as they travel extensively.

There Is Always Light At The End Of The Tunnel

There Is Always Light At The End Of The Tunnel

 It is not good to be broke:

I had reached a professional abyss and I did not know what to do next. It was posted recession and I was losing my job to attrition which had heavily affected my field of work. I knew that there was nothing that I could do to stop myself from getting the pink slip. I tried to keep calm and composed but you never can know what it takes the form you in order to be able to stay that way.

It took a toll on my health:

I suffered low stroke and doctors were of the belief that I must not take too much stress. I was at a loss of the irony that I was lost in. on one hand I was losing my job and on the other hand, my health was going for a toss!

Maturity galore:

I do not know how I got the strength during those times but I decided to calm down. I have always been known to be aggressive in my profession. Maybe this was nature’s way of telling me t slow down so that I do not end up being irretrievable sick.

I had to look out for options:

I could not just lie around in the house now. I had to choose something to work on. Years passed being workaholic did not give me the license, not the aptitude to be able to aimlessly idle all day long.

That is when I thought of trading online in binary options:

I began thinking about trading a few years ago but I never really got the time to do it. this was the time to explore my capabilities, I thought.

So off I set to find out which software made the cut for me. I researched intensively and came to a conclusion that if there is any scope in the field for growing in leaps and bounds then it was in trading of cryptocurrencies alone.

Setting out meant brushing up the basics:

I read extensively texts and e-books on cryptocurrencies mining. The blockchain particularly interested me and I definitely wanted to be able to transact in cryptocurrencies.

The account opening on the trading software is much easier than even signing u for an email service. It took less than five minutes to deposit my investment and to get a broker assigned. A few months later, I am not just making consistent profits but now I am thinking of starting my own trading software.

I am glad that I got hooked on trading. A good background in technicalities and computer software is a good base to be able to tap in sophisticated algorithms to be useful to other traders around the world who would also start from zilch but end up making a great looking bank balance!

Price action trading and the benefits it offers

When it comes to trading there are nearly limitless strategies to follow. Irrespective of the chosen trading instrument there are numerous technical indicators that could be used to come to a conclusion. Technical analysis and fundamental analysis are both essential for investing in trading. The difference that each trading strategy offers combined with the way the trader interprets and applies the strategy is what leads to the difference in the profits and losses made. If you are using an automated trading bot like Ethereum Code then you might be able to take a little burden off your shoulders. But still, you would have to work on improving your trading strategies so as to ensure steady profits and a steady income from trading in cryptocurrencies.

Price action trading

At a given point in time, the price of an asset might be interpreted in many ways by many traders. After all, given the nearly unpredictable market conditions and the many factors that influence the price trends of an asset each event might be viewed from different perspectives by traders.

Price action trading involves reading historic data from the recent market and then fine-tuning the decisions on the basis of the recent price trends observed. There is a technical analysis done and the recent price changes are also considered. So minor fluctuations in the market would be captured so as to get a better idea about the decision to be taken. It is in fact considered to be one of the most profitable strategies for forex traders.

Benefits of price action trading

  1. The technical analysis might consider the larger picture. Though this is good often the recent price data would give more information about the possible direction that the asset might take. Price action trading would consider both the larger historical data as well as recent price movements.
  2. When there are small opportunities in the market not many technical indicators can predict them. But with price action trading such chance occurrences can be identified.
  3. Price action trading is known to work great for day traders and those looking for short-term Price action strategy can also be used in multiple ways based on the actual asset on which it is being applied.

Price action strategy is one that is known to be a go-to option if you need a strategy that can give you some quick profits.

The Bull And The Bear Market

The Bull And The Bear Market

Monetary decisions can be based on emotions most of the time. We are afraid to make investments, but as they progress we might feel greedy to make more profits. Emotions have a huge influence on the stock market too; Greed and Fear rule these markets and the trader’s minds. People often hear the words the Bull market and the Bear market, but what are these markets and how they are affected by the emotions of the traders.

The Bull Market: It is described as a time when the market is going up aggressively for a period of time. The traders are showing determination affecting the market to rise more and more. At times like this, the traders might trade under the effect of greed. The Bull markets usually show about a 20% rise in the stock prices.

The Bear Market: The bear market is the exact opposite of the bull market where the stock market keeps falling down over the period of time. It is said to have a bear market effect when prices fall down by 20%. The bear market tends to instill fear in stock traders making them pull out their investments.

Bull vs. Bear Markets: The Bull market is portrayed by trader’s enthusiasm and rational growth that can tend to encourage greed, whereas the bear market shows traders fear and lack of trust causing deterioration in the stock market. This happens when traders make decisions influenced by emotions when they are expected to make unbiased decisions. The number rule of the stock market suggests taking benefit of the emotions of other traders instead of taking emotional decisions. It implies buying quality stocks at lower prices in the bear market and selling stocks when the prices go higher in the bull market.

There can be various provocations in the bull market, alleging quick and very high profits but it can be just another scam waiting to happen. There are varied trading platforms available in the market, like the Olymp Trade, that claims to provide 80% returns. Investing in this type of platform can be risky as it does not provide any demo version where traders can learn the trading techniques before actually using.

Conclusion: Investors should not feel the need to change their investment planning based on sudden changes in the market. Rather they should focus on taking advantage of this situation by doing exactly the opposite of what the other traders are doing.

Crypto Currency And The Threatful Online Platforms!!

Crypto Currency And The Threatful Online Platforms!!

We hear a lot of news about crypto coins, that are doing extremely well!! But, what is the real fact, do you really know about people who have invested through it? who has made real money in the trading part?

Well, there is a rapid rise in the price of the coins, that have been in the news for a long time now, the factors like trade war, increasing demand to the coin due to economic factors that compel to follow many other policies keep this coin trading an all-time high, every time the markets open.

Trading in stock markets is totally different from trading in crypto markets. Crypto markets are not regulated by a central regulating authority like the stock market authorities across the globe. They are not controlled by any party and don’t have any regulations to be followed. Sometimes what we call a boon, becomes a bane in while and causes misery.

Read to understand how the same goodness of the crypto turns to ruin your savings mode.


This is the biggest drawback of the cryptocurrencies, though they are flying high, the volatile nature of the currency keeps us ticking. The hackers who are lying everywhere, the fake profiled platform creators like the Olymp trade, who are here to loot the money of innocent people with false algorithms and wrong working plans.

The platform is completely unclear about the way it tends to operate to give the claimed 80% profit. The platform demo page too can’t show how can they give the promised 80% returns to the client. The investment initially is just 10$ or even Euros, after which you never get any response to follow the way to trade, which means, your $10 or anything excess is going to fill their pockets and leave yours empty.

This forex trader is illegal and doesn’t have any registration to any of the exchanges that exist for the cryptocurrency holders. So, better avoid such fake and illegal profiles to invest and refrain from such profiles.


Such platforms which run without any base and backup are sure to ruin your life. Before investing in cryptocurrencies check for the legit mark of the platform and also for the management that it has, checks for the people who are accountable, their talent and skill sets, their background and portfolios.



Roles of a Trading Broker

Day trading is an interesting and wide subject that requires you to be constantly updated with the latest news, trends, and strategies in order to prevent trade loss and maximize your profits. Consistent market research and learning will help both amateurs and the experienced lot. By default, beginners must read and research on day trading by referring to tutorials, consulting with expert advisors, and even watching how-to trade videos as much as possible in order to understand how trading is carried out and to get some useful practical tips.

Similarly, the experienced traders too must constantly update themselves in order to explore more methods and advanced trade topics to get the maximum out of the financial markets. A good start for both these kinds of people would be the automated trading, which is quite simple to understand but at the same time can be customized as per the trader’s skills and interests. Read about the Crypto CFD Trader review to learn more about this.

Further traders may seek the assistance from a professional broker to help with trading and increase their chances of earning greater returns.

Roles of a Broker in Trading

Generally, it is recommended to make use of a professionally qualified broker in situations where you want to earn a good return on the trades placed. Brokers will help you execute the trade that is placed on the financial markets. Hence, the choice of the broker is very important, as it can make or break your trade outcome. It is as important as the investment decision that you make while trading.

Characteristics of a good Broker

Here are a few characteristics that you should be looking out for while you select your trading broker.

  1. Speed – Speed is of the essence of Since the number of trades placed every second is considerably high, the speed at which each trade is executed is very crucial. Hence, brokers must possess great speed while executing trades.
  2. Compliance – A good broker must be legally regulated and they must be obliged to act in your best interests by protecting your financial interests.
  3. Support – All services require excellent customer support and do Irrespective of the trading strategy you execute, there will be times when you need support. Hence, it is important that you seek assistance from online brokers who provide excellent support and respond to you quickly.
  4. Service – Good brokers are the once who provide you with competitive spreads and a certain amount of leverage levels, in addition to charging only low margins.
  5. Cost – Involving a broker to execute trades comes with a price that includes the broker fees and broker commission rates. The lower these costs are, the better and profitable will be your trading experience. Active and consistent traders tend to trade on a regular basis, hence it is important that they keep these costs to a minimum.


How to make trading with crypto robots profitable

Anyone who has tried their hand at trading will tell you that everyone can become a trader from the comfort of his or her own home without any prior knowledge of the trade. What does set apart a profitable trader from a loser depends on hard work, research, discipline and strategic planning. There are a few key areas that will enhance your ability as a trader – even those who trade in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency trading bots

With the advent of trading bots which are computers programs based on algorithms, trading has become simpler and almost everyone can hope to make a profit.

While the process is simple, one must not assume that the robot will do all the hard work and earn you money while you relax; it is not just set up and forget concept. To be a successful trader you must backtest all your strategies and update them with the dynamic market conditions. Since the robots work within selected parameters with the right strategy you can hope to make profits.

Stay away from scams

At present cryptocurrency, trading robots are a dime a dozen making it a tough choice for those who want to embark on this journey of trading in virtual currency. There are several faulty software on the market that can cause heavy losses to you. Those new to the field must know that to safeguard your investment with automated trading software you must have a stop-loss limit or sudden crashes can wipe away your entire investment. Remember the cryptocurrency world is unregulated and still very risky and that is the reason there are several scams surfacing each passing day.

Hence to know about the best and most reliable cryptocurrency robots browse through the

Pointers to keep in mind

Seasoned traders will tell you that observation, planning, and forethought are the keys to success in this field. To begin with, you must test out various strategies of trading before you can identify which plan works for you. In general, most of these bots provide live prices and execute orders explicitly, hence set the right parameters to ensure you are not caught unawares by the vagaries of the market.

Even if you choose the best trading bot you must exercise caution in live trading. Always start with a small amount – an amount you can afford to lose because sometimes the paper trading can vary vastly from real-time trading which is governed by innumerable factors beyond the control of the human mind.


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Also, the company may be in need of money for growth and this it takes from the small investors. The company will offer an IPO or initial public offering at this stage  and this then transforms the company form a private to a public company.’

There are two kinds of stocks that the company issues and these are common stock and preferred stock.

Common stock

When one refers to stocks it is basically the common stock. The majority of stocks are issued in this form. The common shareholders can claim profits on the company as well as have the voting rights.

The common stock in the long term yields higher returns than the corporate bonds. The return, however, is at a cost that is the extra risk that you take when you own the common stock. You could also lose the whole amount that you have invested.  In case of bankruptcy, the common shareholders do not receive anything.

Preferred stock




The preferred stocks are like bonds and these do not give any right to vote. The interest is guaranteed a fixed amount of dividend. This makes it different from the common stocks where the dividend amount is variable and is declared by the directors. It is also not guaranteed. In fact, there are many companies that do not pay any dividend to the common stockholders.

In the case of a bankruptcy, the preferred stockholders will be paid before the common shareholders. They, however, are lower in line as compared to the creditors. The preferred stocks can be repurchased by the company at any time for a premium. The preferred shares have characteristics somewhere between the bonds and the common shares.

The common and the preferred stocks are the two main kinds of stocks. Read full report. However, the company could also customize the stocks to fit the investor’s needs. The company wants to keep the voting right concentrated in a group and this is why it creates the classes of shares.

Lack of normal pigment in the skin, eyes, and hair.the end

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