Crypto Currency And The Threatful Online Platforms!!

Crypto Currency And The Threatful Online Platforms!!

We hear a lot of news about crypto coins, that are doing extremely well!! But, what is the real fact, do you really know about people who have invested through it? who has made real money in the trading part?

Well, there is a rapid rise in the price of the coins, that have been in the news for a long time now, the factors like trade war, increasing demand to the coin due to economic factors that compel to follow many other policies keep this coin trading an all-time high, every time the markets open.

Trading in stock markets is totally different from trading in crypto markets. Crypto markets are not regulated by a central regulating authority like the stock market authorities across the globe. They are not controlled by any party and don’t have any regulations to be followed. Sometimes what we call a boon, becomes a bane in while and causes misery.

Read to understand how the same goodness of the crypto turns to ruin your savings mode.


This is the biggest drawback of the cryptocurrencies, though they are flying high, the volatile nature of the currency keeps us ticking. The hackers who are lying everywhere, the fake profiled platform creators like the Olymp trade, who are here to loot the money of innocent people with false algorithms and wrong working plans.

The platform is completely unclear about the way it tends to operate to give the claimed 80% profit. The platform demo page too can’t show how can they give the promised 80% returns to the client. The investment initially is just 10$ or even Euros, after which you never get any response to follow the way to trade, which means, your $10 or anything excess is going to fill their pockets and leave yours empty.

This forex trader is illegal and doesn’t have any registration to any of the exchanges that exist for the cryptocurrency holders. So, better avoid such fake and illegal profiles to invest and refrain from such profiles.


Such platforms which run without any base and backup are sure to ruin your life. Before investing in cryptocurrencies check for the legit mark of the platform and also for the management that it has, checks for the people who are accountable, their talent and skill sets, their background and portfolios.



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