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Tips to spot a scam ICO

Investing in cryptocurrencies is not another fad. Global businesses now accept payments through cryptocurrencies. There are various cryptocurrencies that are being introduced. There is a steady rise in the number of traders in crypto trading. And there is so much more happening in this area. So if you are planning to invest in cryptocurrencies now is a great time. But there are so many of them out there. Are they all genuine? Do they all fetch great profits? There are some scam ICOs that have created a stir and have impacted the credibility of these digital currencies. But breaking all the misconceptions there are some of them that are steadily progressing at a good pace.

If you would like to start trading without knowledge about cryptocurrency click here to read about a trading platform that is very easy to use as a beginner. There are many such trading bots and algorithms. But some of them make false claims to lure users to sign up and invest.

Similarly, even with the ICOs or initial coin offerings, there are numerous cases of a scam being reported. So here are some tips to help you identify scam ICOs:

  1. Do the users make profits?

There are some ICOs which are really popular and are known to make great profits as a business. These might end up earning a lot of money for the people in the organization while the coin holders gain very little. If there is an ICO that seems to be growing and thriving but you find yourself making little to no profit then it is time to reconsider your decision about investing in that ICO.

  1. Have you read the whitepaper?

Because this would help you understand the company better. And without this knowledge, you might not be able to make your predictions. And one important point here is that with most scam ICOs the whitepaper might not be present or it might not be very clear. You might not get too many details about the company.

  1. Read about the regulations:

Though there are some who hate regulations because they impose limits on the growth of the coins, with regulations come trust. So if you find regulated ICOs these would be your safest bets.

  1. Check the track record:

Has the ICO chosen been part of any scam in the past? Were there technical abnormalities that caused losses for the coin holders? Such issues can also influence the credibility of the ICO.

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A disease characterized by inflammation of the connective tissue (which supports and connects all parts of the body). Chronic swelling of the connective tissue causes damage to the skin, joints, kidneys, nervous system and mucous membranes. The disease begins with fever, joint pain and fatigue. Additional symptoms continue to develop over the years including nausea, fatigue, weight loss, arthritis, headaches and epilepsy. Problems with heart, lung and kidney function may also result. This condition is diagnosed most frequently in young women but also occurs in children.the end

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