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Let us discover more here about its similarity to human intelligence.


The efficiency of computers or machines to perform the different task has been in an exponential way. The stable establishment and application of Artificial intelligence on computers, software or robot-like machines to upgrade their domain working methods, speed and thinking process to be equally matching to that of the human beings. Further, AI is established in the same manner as how human beings familiarize and resolve a problem given to them.


The main goals of AI include


  • Expertise the systems to exhibit intellectual properties like explaining, studying, demonstrating, reasoning and advising its customers
  • Implement human behaviour of understanding and responding to situations


This is a technology-driven science that is dependent on disciplines of Computer science, Maths, Psychology, Biology, Linguistics and Engineering. Moreover, computer programming with AI makes it easy to answer all types of generic questions and can quickly adapt to modifications made without affecting the software structure.


Artificial Intelligence has shown its dominance in major fields like


  • Gaming: Enabling a machine to analyse all possible position outcomes in the strategic games like chess, poker and more
  • Understanding the typical language spoken by humans to computers and its processing
  • Sharing perceptive and instructing the users of expert steps
  • Speech Recognition: Handling all varieties of the hearing inputs and comprehending the human language to sentences and meanings
  • Recognizes the handwriting: Sounds the text written on a screen using pen or stylus and translating it to an editable form of text
  • Manufacturing and programming robots: Robots have been made capable to perform human tasks like sensing physical environmental parameters such as light, temperature, sound, pressure, movement and that kind of things. Additionally, it is well equipped with advanced features like sensors, processors and a good memory to act as an intellectual.



The main experimental domains of Artificial Intelligence are broadly classified into


  • Natural processing of language or voice recognition: The objective of such a practise is to identify ‘who’ is speaking with respect to voice tone or pitch, language accent or slang and many more. This conversion is strongly supported by vocabulary database and the interactive GUI. Automatic voice recognition of Google is an example.
  • Expert Systems: As used in clinical and flight tracking.
  • Neural Networking systems: Advanced features of handwriting, character, and face recognition account to this feature.
  • Robotics: Robotic styled motions, painting and spraying, drilling and carving, precision checking come under this section.
  • Fuzzy mathematical logic: Consumer automobiles and electronics work according to this logic.


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Inflammation of the lungs characterized by fever, chills, muscle stiffness, chest pain, cough, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate and difficulty breathing.the end

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