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There are many issues that new parents face. Parents and family are very happy with the arrival of the little one and they do plan a lot of things before the actual arrival of the baby. However, it is an overwhelming experience for most people. As it is there are so many chores that the parents start to feel tired all the time. They know that the new arrival will not only add to their work but will also impact their financial planning.

Most of the times one of the parents, the mother usually, has to take a break from her work and that is one of the biggest jolts to the finances. One member extra and one pay check less! Many women take it in their stride and try to make adjustments in their life style, until they can go back to work but many parents struggle as the expenses keep mounting and going back to work may not be that easy at times. One way out of this challenge is to find something to do from the confines of home. This really is a good solution as the mother can take care of the baby and work as well.

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