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CFD is nothing but the trade differences between the exit and the entry prices of an asset traded. It is essentially a contract between the client and the broker where the asset is traded and never owned by anyone. The trader takes advantage of the difference price between the start and the end prices of an asset that is being traded in the market at the current moment. This has been the talk of the town in the recent times for many people are turning their focus towards this for the very many advantages of this type of trading. Nothing comes without a demerit and MaxCFD broker is no exception to this. Though there are a few disadvantages, it is their merits that is attracting more number of traders to benefit from this type of trading.

Some of their advantages are:

  • CFd`s offer high leverage. The standard leverage offered by a CFD broker is 2% margin requirement and this is capable of reaching even 20% when there are changes in the underlying asset that is being traded. As this margin requirements go down they only indicate that the capital outlays are a little lower and that the potential returns for the trader are a little higher.
  • CFD products are offered by almost all the brokers in the market in all parts of the world making it easy for traders from all around the globe to have their trades here. This way the opportunities are increased and the trader also gets to trade at his leisure time since the market remains open throughout. Apart from this since there are lots of options provided to the traders, traders from all different platforms are given a chance to have their trials here.
  • This trade also helps the traders with options like stop trade, limit losses etc which is a must for any trader to have his losses or failures limited. Any trader who is able to foresee a loss is able to stop his trades from moving further and this way he is able to limit his losses and safeguard his invested money for a different trade.


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