The joy of teen daughters

Celeste Gish

Say goodbye to your old identity as competent, respected adult and prepare to embrace your new self: a pathetic klutz who can’t drive a car, cook a meal or even dress yourself without embarrassing everyone around you. Congratulations: you are now the parent of a teenage girl.


When you first held your beautiful baby girl in your arms and breathed in her sweet smell, you never dreamed you could feel so much love. As she grew, you nurtured her, protected her from danger, taught her right from wrong and cherished her more every day. She responded with kisses, hugs, adorably cute antics and the occasional mild misbehavior, all of which you captured the old-fashioned way with a camera, film and photographs. Millions and millions of photos now tucked safely away in boxes in the attic.

Fast-forward 12 or so years and suddenly you are the not-always-so-proud parent of a teenage girl, otherwise known as Ms. 24-Hour Want and Need Machine, complete with permanently attached mobile phone, iPod, Bad Attitude and overflowing closet. “Challenging” doesn’t even begin to describe your relationship with her. She nonchalantly brings home speeding tickets, cuts classes, breaks curfews and maintains a bedroom and bathroom that rival the devastation of a tumultuous storm. Not to mention boys, boys, boys and more boys. The drama never ends. And we’re talking about a good kid here. (My sincere sympathies to anyone who is dealing with truly serious parenting issues.)

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Don’t think it won’t happen to you

Perhaps, if you are now the parent of a child or children under 10 years old – they don’t call ages five to 10 the Golden Years of Childhood for nothing – you think this will never happen to your little angel. Personally, I can remember shaking my head at a friend’s daughter’s misbehavior, smug in my assurance that my little darling would never in a million years behave so disrespectfully and if she did, I would never tolerate it.

Well, if pride is a deadly sin, parenting a teenager will humble you faster than yesterday’s soul mate becomes today’s geek of the week. Say goodbye to your old identity as competent, respected adult and prepare to embrace your new self: a pathetic klutz who can’t drive a car, cook a meal or even dress yourself without embarrassing everyone around you. Fortunately for you, your resident teenage authority isn’t shy about bombarding you with advice-gleaned from years of life experience – on cooking, fashion, music, decorating and, of course, driving. Until she totals the car a full three weeks after driving it off the lot. On the bright side, the only injury was to my bank account. Did I mention she was on her way to a party and planning to stay out all night? Of course the official story was she was spending the night with her girlfriend and, stupidly, I didn’t check up. This is what happens when you trust a teenager.

No constructive advice here

If you’re reading this and waiting for inspirational tips on how to survive your child’s teen years, you’re in the wrong place. I’m in denial here, counting the days until my little princess heads off to that big party they call freshman year of college and I can bulldoze and redecorate her room. You might try the Internet for more constructive advice. I hear experts recommend consistent rules, unconditional love and a sense of humor. Over the years, I’ve found that a couple of glasses of cheap Chardonnay at the end of the day work wonders. If you’re interested in forming a support group based on that principle, go ahead – contact me at my website,

Not that parenting a teenager is all bad. On the plus side, you can establish instant rapport with others in upscale antique shops, at the mall, in the dentist’s office, on college visits and other places where parents gather. In casual conversation, simply mentioning that you have a teenager elicits knowing smiles, murmurs of sympathy and reassurances that “it will get better.” One mother of two now-professional women confided that she got through their teenage years by telling herself that aliens had stolen her real children and replaced them with Pod People. She assured me that the aliens would replace the Pod

Person with the original child promptly on its nineteenth birthday. I cherish these words of encouragement and cling to their promise.

In the meantime, I resign myself to the fact that the appallingly bad karma I generated as an adolescent has found its way home with a vengeance. I tell myself to keep my eye on the prize and just keep fantasizing about how much fun those redecorating projects will be. If I have any money left after paying for the first year of college. Anyone know where I can rent a commercial dumpster and a bulldozer – cheap?

Celeste Gish is a freelance writer specializing in business-to-business marketing communications. Her work has been published in ABA Bank Marketing, Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Health Management Technology, Advance for Health Information Professionals, Realty Success and other professional journals.

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