How to Handle Customer Complaints- Tips

How to Handle Customer Complaints- Tips

Most of the businesses make good products, have good quality controls, follow prudent inventory management etc.  Even after following all the above properly, the true success of a business comes only when customer complaints are handled properly.  Most of the unsatisfied customers switch over to other products silently.  Hence a complaining customer helps you in knowing what has gone wrong.  Take complaints seriously and work sincerely to resolve those.  Follow the below steps to handle customer complaints in the best manner:

Listen and empathize:  Let the customer vent his anger out.  Your listening itself will make a difference.  Always step into his shoes.  You will be able to make out the mistake quickly and take remedial steps.

Request for reasonable time:  The world has become so fast.  There are apps like Ethereum code which settle transactions in a flash of a second.  Customers expect everything to happen fast.  Hence solution for a complaint must be available at the earliest.  Even if you are demanding some reasonable time, explain and make a request.

Analyze:  Do not misread statements of a customer.  When you hear people telling crypto is a scam, you read more about Ethereum code and find the truth yourself.    Similarly, while handling customer complaints, don’t trust any sides.  It is your duty to get first-hand information and find out the truth.

Apologize if the mistake is at your side:  If you find that there was a deficiency on your side apologize humbly.

Remedial action:  Only remedial actions will heal the wounds of the customer.  Offer compensation, replacement, refund etc.

Code of quality:  After every customer complaint, introduce measures to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Checking negative news:  These days, negative news spreads faster than flame on the internet.  Hence when negative things are getting popular, arrest their spread.  Give a suitable reply showing the steps taken.

Avoid challenges/emotional outbursts:  Never challenge or let emotions rule when a customer complains.  Patience and cool mindedness alone helps.

Educate them patiently:  When the mistake is not on your side, educate the customer patiently.  Ensure that he gets convinced.  Do not allow scopes for an assumption that you are trying to cheat.  If required, you can ask your superiors to speak with the customer so that things are settled amicably.

When complaining customers leave satisfied, they remain loyal.  They bring good referrals.  They spread goodwill.  They feel that you respect them and continue their patronage in all aspects.  But when you ignore complaints, that will bring further complications like loss of good image and will bring legal issues to your business.


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