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Martial Arts! Wed May 30 at 1 pm at the Clark County Library. Learn about and see demonstrations of different martial arts disciplines.

We have been getting many requests from the fans for this special session. Martial art forms are practiced in different versions in different parts of the world and in this demonstration, we have tried to include as many as possible, especially the popular ones. The inaugural form is the most glamorous Chinese martial art that has been mesmerizing the film lovers in the world through the silver screen. Adding versatility to the show is the inclusion of the very demanding Kalaripayattu martial art of India which combines body flexibility, weapon management and presence of mind equally.

The viewers have the double advantage of this show. They can witness these splendid forms with their own eyes and also contact the performers. Interested people can probably enroll in their classes and book their performances in other venues. Anyways, we can proudly say that we are the first association organizing this historical demonstration and has started a trend of the kind. We are also planning to host a miniature workshop where selected participants can undergo short introductory classes to any martial art performed without paying any fees. Prior intimation will help in arranging the resources and venue for the same.

Not really into martial arts? You have other events to catch up too apart from making some fast cash at
You can still catch “Go Figure!” at the Whitney Library until June 13th. Call 454-4649 for information about this interactive traveling exhibit where children’s books are transformed into a kid’s world of math exploration.

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