There Is Always Light At The End Of The Tunnel

There Is Always Light At The End Of The Tunnel

 It is not good to be broke:

I had reached a professional abyss and I did not know what to do next. It was posted recession and I was losing my job to attrition which had heavily affected my field of work. I knew that there was nothing that I could do to stop myself from getting the pink slip. I tried to keep calm and composed but you never can know what it takes the form you in order to be able to stay that way.

It took a toll on my health:

I suffered low stroke and doctors were of the belief that I must not take too much stress. I was at a loss of the irony that I was lost in. on one hand I was losing my job and on the other hand, my health was going for a toss!

Maturity galore:

I do not know how I got the strength during those times but I decided to calm down. I have always been known to be aggressive in my profession. Maybe this was nature’s way of telling me t slow down so that I do not end up being irretrievable sick.

I had to look out for options:

I could not just lie around in the house now. I had to choose something to work on. Years passed being workaholic did not give me the license, not the aptitude to be able to aimlessly idle all day long.

That is when I thought of trading online in binary options:

I began thinking about trading a few years ago but I never really got the time to do it. this was the time to explore my capabilities, I thought.

So off I set to find out which software made the cut for me. I researched intensively and came to a conclusion that if there is any scope in the field for growing in leaps and bounds then it was in trading of cryptocurrencies alone.

Setting out meant brushing up the basics:

I read extensively texts and e-books on cryptocurrencies mining. The blockchain particularly interested me and I definitely wanted to be able to transact in cryptocurrencies.

The account opening on the trading software is much easier than even signing u for an email service. It took less than five minutes to deposit my investment and to get a broker assigned. A few months later, I am not just making consistent profits but now I am thinking of starting my own trading software.

I am glad that I got hooked on trading. A good background in technicalities and computer software is a good base to be able to tap in sophisticated algorithms to be useful to other traders around the world who would also start from zilch but end up making a great looking bank balance!

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